Anima: Beyond Fantasy
May 12th, 2012
Lior was revived, if only temporarily, by Aya. She then took Felix, Nettle, and Sasha away after Felix left the party with 5 hi-potions, 5 potions, and 5 sleep droughts. After getting to know `Kess` a bit better, Asgeir had the party camp and then leave the following afternoon after spending all day at the forge creating a new shield and hand axes for Vashnier and a new boomerang for Osser. While they were gone, the party was disturbed by chilling screams coming from the forest. Roselyn had a brief encounter with a strange man in the woods. Also, signs that a larger golem then the last was in the forest put the group on edge. When they did finally camp for the night, both Asgeir and Kess had nightmares leading to visits by the Dark Lord who came to them with cryptic warnings. The next day they were ambushed by a group of roving bandits that proved a larger threat than they expected. Unfortunately, once they defeated the bandits, they discovered that the source of the terrible screaming seems to be following them.